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Frequently Asked Questions


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What is a Maintenance Plan and Why is it Important?

Seasonal maintenances in general are a main factor on how your HVAC system works.  Some things that you’ll notice once the maintenance has been performed is clean and proper air flow and added longevity to your system.  We offer a Maintenance Plan that can take care of your twice a year recommended maintenances.  Call or email today to ask about our Maintenance Plan.

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Need To Register Your Products?

  • For Carrier Products, please register online to receive a 10 year manufacturer part warranty. For Carrier Products Click Here
  • For Trane Products, there is no need to register! Trane now offers a 10 year manufacturer part warranty.

Is Your AC Not Cooling?

Here are some things to look for before calling: 

  • Have you replaced your air filters in the last 30 days? If no, please replace your filters as soon as possible.  Dirty filters can cause blockage and lead to system failure.
  • Have you checked your breakers and/or disconnect switch? If you experienced a power outage most of the time the breakers and/or disconnect switches just need to be reset.
  • Have you checked your power switch which is located in the attic? Homeowners and other service providers get confused with this switch because it looks just like a light switch. Please ensure that the switch is on the ”on” position.
  • Did you recently replace your thermostat? If not properly installed this could cause your fuse to pop. Please contact us immediately for thermostat replacements!
  • Do you notice oil residue at your exterior unit? If yes, then please contact HTM as soon as possible.  Oil residue is a sign of a leak , which can cause ever more damage to your ac system.

When Should You Replace Your Air Filters?

You should replace your return air filters every 1-2 months.  If you have media filters, which are located in your attic, we recommend to replace every 4-6 months.  Replacing your filters will help ensure proper and clean air flow throughout your home! 

How To Keep Consistent Temperature?

Want to know how to keep your home consistently cool? Here are a few tips to follow: 

  • Schedule a one time maintenance with HTM or ask about our Maintenance Plan! Yearly maintenances are a must, especially in this Texas heat.
  • Replace your filters!  Dirty filters will block air flow therefore cause your system to not cool your home like it should.
  • Keep your system ON! We find that some homeowners’ will shut their system off to save money but in reality this is causing major damage to your system and wallet!
  • Set your thermostat to a good temperature.  We recommend you set your thermostat to no more than 75 degrees on a hot Houston day!
  • Window coverings can be helpful to keep any unwanted heat out!

When Should You Clean Your Drain Lines?

Are you noticing water dripping from your exterior pipe? This is a sign that your primary drain line needs to be cleaned.  We recommend getting your drain lines unclogged and cleaned twice a year.  You can request this service alone or you can add it to your yearly maintenance! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.  

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